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Washington, NC (SCW)

Gotti on the mic
Still talking

Coming to the ring

Saltwater Redneck can't take the pressure

Coming off the ropes

January 25, 2001 (Kings Bar, Raleigh NC)

Natrone grabs Lilly
Natrone fears the Other Dark Meat

Gotti has Natrone right where he wants him

Uh Oh

Lilly doing what she does best

Poor Natrone

January 20, 2001 (Butner Armory, Butner NC)

Gotti coming around the ring
Gotti punches Natrone

Choking Natrone on the ropes

The fans tell us what they really think

January 13, 2001 (Sanford Armory, Sanford NC)

It's a Lazz beat down party
Another similar to above

Lilly comes to the ring

Gotti comes to the ring


Elbow drop on Dewey

Dewey gets smacked by Lilly

Gotti distra...err...puts Mr Jolly in his place

The battle continues

Gotti stretches Dewey

Dewey has Gotti on the turnbuckle

To the victor go the spoils

December 20, 2000 (Kings Bar, Raleigh NC)

Dropkick by Lazz
Gotti in the ring

Gotti and Lilly

Another of Gotti and Lilly

Gotti & Lilly

Gotti vs. Lazz

Gotti chokes Lazz on the ropes

Various other shows

Gotti puts Lilly through a table
The Warden sets up Gotti

Gotti gets punched by the Warden

Lazz gets slammed

Lazz backs it up on Gotti

Mid air shot

Gotti and Saltwater Redneck

Dropkick by Gotti

Another mid air shot

Saltwater Redneck gets slammed

Frankensteiner on Gotti

Gotti waits

Hip toss by Gott


Gotti argues with the ref

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