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March 19, 2001

It seems that some people have me confused with someone else.  Now I understand that there is a slight resemblance but I'm telling you I'm not him.  Gotti will kill you!!  I like everyone else that came in the business had the false hopes of early stardom easy fame and fortune.  It isn't easy and it isn't instantaneous and the one thing that I have found to be the only constant is that the people who are nothing and will always be nothing tend to hate those who might have a chance.  Now an incident happened to me this weekend that has left me dumbfounded with a friendship ended and a new outlook on life.  I am a performer.  I am an athlete, and I am damn good at what I do.  That is all because of hundreds of hours of watching tapes, thousands of hours of ring time, and will that no one no matter how hard they try will ever break.  A person I thought a friend or a friendly acquaintance at the least.  A person I had loaned 2 hundred dollars to save his ass, gave gas money, and rent money tried his best to humiliate me and a weak attempt to injure me.  Henry Dean (blue angel, cold heart Keith Austin, Razing Sun, or Tommy Dallas, or whatever lame ass gimmick you're going to try to run next) you are no match for me not as a worker or as a man.  You overstepped your bounds, thought you could stretch me.  Well, I turned the tables on you didn't I?  You were stretched, you were humiliated, and then you threw your wife in front of you as a human shield to protect your sorry ass.  If you can't see why I have risen to the heights I have and why the future shows limitless possiblities for me, it's because you are not in the same league as I am or as most workers.  You have no heart, and you don't have the courage of your convictions.  You call yourself a wrestler.  I call you a joke.  You are out of shape (you refuse to train).  You're a nasty individual (you refuse to bathe and brush your teeth).  You are not Steve Austin, quit ripping him off.  Now I see you got yourself a pregnant wife (oh how I pray for the child's sake it's not yours).  You have made an enemy for life (I don't squash the beef).  You are in the same category as every other joke out there who is destroying the business I love so much.  You are a blight and you should be removed.


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