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February 11, 2001

Now you know me, I'm not one to try to hype myself up but damn was I good last night, or what? Roxboro, North Carolina and PCW found out last night what happens when you step to The Edible One wrong. Now see It all started relatively innocent. I was sitting in the dressing room readin ..The Bible, Quoting a few passages to my Valet for that night Ariel Hope (Lilly had the night off) When in walks the biggest set of... oops sorry folks wrong story. Where was I? Oh yeah PCW. Tommy Dallas hey little man can you walk yet, Hey Dice can you talk yet. You two Idiots wanted to take on Moui in a three way whoa, now lads what in the world were you thinking. I know, I know you, thought "well hell there is two of us and only one of him" and in doing so you played yourselves do your homework cause you could have had six mor of ya and you still wouldn't have measured up to Magnificent One who rocks the crowds. what did you two upstarts really think you would accomplish. I mean yeah you got over real quick with that outdated rock and roll express tag team maneuvering. Well, this isn't the 1980s and you sure as hell aren't Ricky Morton. Damn I beat you two so bad it hurt MY feelings. Sorry folks about the no comedy but believe me when I say there wasn't anything funny about that butt whippin.

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