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February 8, 2001

Cham-pain boy you must be the luckiest sonofabitch I have ever met. You got your ass beat and still pulled off the win of the year when you squeaked one by The Magnificent One. You obviously had no idea what was going on, you were expecting someone else (for all you idiot inbreeds that are having this column read to you that was a JUICE reference )? You pink pansy, you are nothing compared to He Who Tastes So Yummy. That's right The Other Dark Meat is out to replace the Legend. The "WHOOO" Ric Flair of the Indies.. You know I have heard the rumors about you and you know what when I heard you were excited about your upcoming match with The Sweet Meat. So I walked up slapped you right in the chops, so you knew it wasn't like that. So tell me Champ what's did it feel like. I mean serious. I have never seen you broken to that level. Then again you never faced me before. I'm coming for all you got Lily and I will snatch that gold from around your waste (and yeah I meant to spell it like that). You see Gotti is the man, the only man and I WILL take that title. . Not too much comedy in this one Champ or should I say Chump. You got lucky that time, because I am the Master of Disaster the Duke of Destruction (and I'm pretty too) I mean  I AM

The Other Dark Meat

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