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January 26, 2001


When are you people going to get it through your thick Skulls? You can't do it. It can't be done. The Other Dark Meat is still kicking ass and loooooking good while he does it. First off Dewey (its a school night) Cheatum, what brass you had to come out and challenge The Edible One Oh look and he has brought Cusick with him. See Dewey Talk. Talk Dewey Talk....ooooh Dewey is angry about getting his narrow ass beat so bad by G.O.T.T.I. Hear Dewey curse. Whooooooiieeee Dewey is using all the bad words he has ever heard us grown-ups say. Curse Dewey Curse. Dewey is telling people that he brought out Big Cusick to watch his back against He Who Is Oh So Delicious. Yet wait, something is awry LiL Dewey is attacked from behind by Cusick. Oooooooohhhh Bounce Dewey Bounce. Dewey go nite nite now.

Natrone Steele, You try to sneak a victory over T.O.D.M cheating and the sort. I mean you smashed me in the face with my championship Belt not only is that illegal It was rude. I mean I have heard of people doing some pretty underhanded things in my time but hitting someone with a Belt. Who raised You!!!! You Need Jesus!!! Well anyway even with all your cheating ways I made it look easy I showed them the difference between a No talent shiftless lazy bum like your self and the magnificence that Is GOTTI then you know what happened you tapped. Story Over! Oh yeah and as far as your lil girlfriend (my little pony) all I have to say is this ..Persiphany..Steele ..Table for TWO.

Until next time....Ladies, ladies, put down those menus you dont need them
When trying to decide what cha want to eat......THINK GOTTI!! mmmmmm The Other Dark Meat

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