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January 21, 2001

WhhooooooooHoooooooooo ITS A BEATDOWN PARTY. After Dewey (it's a school night) Cheatum failed to show for his rematch for the Southern Championship Wrestling North Carolina Title (do you blame him).  I was pretty much left with a night off.  I was told to go to the ring and speak my piece. Well while I was out there in Butner North Carolina (The Outhouse of the South) speaking my mind this blonde bimbette decided she wanted to lay hands on The Edible One. Well she learned quickly you don't beat The Other Dark Meat. (wait that didn't come out right, but anyway)  So while the BEATDOWN party goes into full swing in comes what will be from now on referred to as the Guest of Honor to the BEATDOWN Party (dressed in drag mind you) Natrone Steele (known to his friends as Natronette). We started at it, and I tell You people it wasn't pretty. Not pretty at all. But effective oh yes The Guest Of Honor had No idea what he was getting him/herself into.  From the moment the bell rang I took him to school beat him from post to post turnbuckle to turnbuckle what can I say GOTTI loves a good BEATDOWN. Well 6 minutes later 1-2-3 Winner and still NORTH CAROLINA CHAMPION G.O.T.T.I.

Remember ladies you don't need a menu ....Think GOTTI mmmmmm The Other Dark Meat

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