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January 14, 2001

Strangely enough I have been SCW N.C. Champion for the 2nd time for quite a while. Yet, It seems that I walked into Sanford last night as the underdog. Now why is that you ask? But, your Gotti you say. I know that's what I'm saying.I'm T.O.D.M. It seems that everyone thought the speed and intensity which is Dewey Cheatum, would be too much for the Magnificent One. It was said he would run circles around me. Well, he tried that and he got smacked. They thought he would fly to high for The Edible One.He fell to earth in a heap. Now I give all props to Mr.. Cheatum he fought his lil' ol' heart out, but in the end he found out that  the same man that give women so much pleasure can cause so much pain.  In the end The Other Dark Meat puts another notch In his belt and Dewey like all the other Gotti wannabe's  fell so short from being as magnificent as I.  Then Lilly and I left to a chorus of boos and I found out why she is called the best mou....err brain in the wrestling world. Until next time .....Ladies remember when your trying to decide what you want to eat Think Gotti!!! mmmmmmmmmmm The Other Dark Meat.

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