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January 14, 2001

After leaving Sanford Lilly and I took a ride down to N.C Sports Arena for some TCW action. Now understand this is minutes after leaving a beaten Dewey Cheatum laying helpless in the ring. I was scheduled to face the Saltwater Redneck. The match was fast paced and furious, with both of us rocking and reeling and of course the incompetent ref that couldn't count to three with a calculator. I tore into this man like an Ethiopian into his first Christmas goose (Redneck indeed). I showed him that the human spine can be twisted and turned in ways he never dreamed imaginable. With the idiot fans chanting insanely Gotti!!! Gotti!!!! (I guess someone had finally read them the name on my tights. I'm telling you I have met tree stumps with more intelligence then some of you North Cackalackee inbreeds. I pounded and pulverized crushed and smashed his spine till the crocodile tears were streaming down his face. Then finally I put him in the Cloverleaf let his screams of pain feed my rage and I watched him tap and I watched him continue to tap. I was going to let go. I know what your thinking "Wait! Wait! Oh One Who Is Most Edible... If he was tapping why isn't that the end of the story?" Where is the ref now? Now he is over in a corner picking his nose (I don't mean that figuratively either) I walk over ask him "What's the deal? I am over here being SIMPLY MAGNIFICENT and your nowhere to be found" Well somewhere right about that time the king of the inbreeds Capn Redneck is back on his feet slinging me into the turnbuckle, hitting me with brass knuckles, throwing powder in my face, burning me with fireballs, cracking canes over my back and then top rope bulldogs me and gets a quick count from the ref and he not The Other Dark Meat is declared the winner. I know I know that's not the way you heard it Well that's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Ladies lest we forget When trying to decide what cha want to eat Think GOTTI mmmm the Other Dark Meat!!!!!


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